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Our History


The early spark of the life of St. Andrew's Parish began with the missionary zeal of the Reverend David B. Knickerbacker, then Rector of Gethsemane Parish in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Attached to the needs of the northern section of the city he began by holding services in a schoolhouse in 1858. A church building was erected on Washington and Seventh Avenue North, consecrated by Bishop Whipple on September 6, 1870. Church services were held under the direction of Rev. Dr. Knickerbacker until September 1875 when the name was changed to St. Andrew's. A vestry was elected, and the parish admitted to Convention on September 28, 1875.


In 1882, the Church acquired a new site on the corner of Twelfth Avenue N and Sixth Street. The Parish called its first priest, the Reverend J.W. Prosser, who served until 1887. Sometime around 1915, the Church made its final move to the present location. On January 13, 1924, the church building was destroyed by fire. The Rt. Reverend Frank A. McElwan laid the cornerstone of a new church on July 10, 1924, and the congregation moved into the present building on November 20th.

Old Photo of the Church


St. Andrew's continued to prosper until the mid-80s when a decline began. Some lean years followed and the then Rector, The Reverend Donald O. Nesheim, served on a half time basis from June 1992 to June 1994, as Special Priest in Charge. In June 1994 he was called as Rector. The Church began to grow again when immigrants from Antigua and Barbuda, Liberia, Nigeria and other nations found St. Andrew's and spread the word to other Episcopalians. In 2004, the Rev. James N. Wilson, II, became Rector and served the church until 2006; followed by the late Fr. Edward Burnett and Fr. Roger Sonnesyn until February 2013.

Today, St. Andrew's continues to grow with the help of our young, energetic, and devoted priest, Fr. John W. Mitchell. Come fellowship with us to learn more about us.