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Giving Back to Make a Difference

Your contributions go directly to our Outreach Ministry, a recovery fund, and church operation. We are grateful for all that you give in love, as it helps our organization reach those outside our community who are all part of God's creation. Learn more about how you can make a difference.

Kitchen Project

The Kitchen Upgrade Project is the first phase of one of our planned ministries. A part of our plan is to provide a nutritious hot meal to those in need in the community. Proposed upgrades include adding a commercial kitchen and an enhanced environment conducive to manifesting love and compassion. Our task is:

—"Going out to serve our neighbors with Good News of God's Love, blessings, and favor, as well as caring for the poor, the needy, and the weak. May this gift make this task complete."

Special Appeal

Giving directly to this special fund helps families in the North Minneapolis, Minnesota, community recover from personal or natural tragedy. Your gift will help relieve pain, stress, and misfortune. It will bring healing to many.

—"Please bless this gift, Holy Spirit."

Church Operation

Your tithe or gift enables the church to carry out its mission to be an Agent of God's love in this world. It supports the property, personnel, and ministries that faithfully serve its Minneapolis, Minnesota, community and beyond.

—"Give to God from the depths of my heart, praying this gift keeps St Andrew's doors open for worship and wonderful fellowship to serve all."